Events and Catering Menu 2017



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Sandwich Platter

A mixed platter of sandwiches accompanied with a selection of sweet treats or fresh fruit. Choose from the tasty sandwich fillings, which can be served on brown or white bread with optional salad.

  • Chicken (healthy plain ones or with yummy sauces) - mayo, BBQ, tikka, mexican, tarragon, or coronation
  • Homemade Coleslaw with Cabbage
  • Gammon ham
  • Prawn cocktail with marie rose sauce
  • Homemade egg mayo (crispy bacon optional)
  • Tuna mayo with sweetcorn or cucumber
  • Crayfish tail with coctail sauce and lettuce
  • Salmon slices with cream cheese
  • Various cheese to choose from (Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella, Buffolo, Cream Cheese)
  • Crispy Bacon with selection salad or cheese

CHOOSE EITHER: A selection of fresh seasonal fruit, to round off a healthy lunch.

Our seasonal fruits can include:

  • Apples, pears
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Tangerines, clementines
  • Nectarines, peaches

OR: A selection of sweet treats, as sometimes a little bit of sugar is just the thing to keep your guests sweet!

  • Fudge brownie
  • Toffee tiffin
  • Yogurt & cranberry tiffin
  • Apple strudel
  • Caramel & peanut slice
  • Gluten Free option (chocolate, coffee or lemon drizzle cakes)
  • Assorted Cookies

£55 for 12 guests

£105 for 24 guests

All prices are subject to VAT.




- Bite-size Vol au vents with delicious fillings. They look so very pretty, and are easy to handle

- Cocktail sausages

- Open sandwiches 

Here are some examples of the toppings/ fillings for vol au vents and open sandwiches

  • Seafood (prawn / crayfish / salmon)
  • Egg mayo with cress/ spring onion or crispy bacon
  • Chicken with selection of sauces
  • Tuna mayo or midly spicy mexican tuna
  • Selection of vegetarian options

£85 for 12 guests

£160 for 24 guests

All prices are subject to VAT.


The Minis

Mini rolls and/or wraps, easy to hold and gone in a couple of bites. Perfect when you are chatting at network events and business meetings.

Followed by sweet treats or fruit.

£55 for 12 guests

£105 for 24 guests

All prices are subject to VAT.


A Hearty Selection

  • Sandwich selection on brown or white bread
  • Quiche - lorraine or vegetable
  • Chicken or Vegetable samosas
  • Accompanied with fresh seasonal fruit

£85 for 12 guests

£160 for 24 guests

All prices are subject to VAT.


A Taste of the Orient

Our delicious Chinese rice & noodles.

Choose from:

  • Chicken in black bean sauce
  • Chicken satay
  • Sweet n sour chicken
  • Kung po chicken
  • Thai green chicken curry
  • Mixed veg in mushroom sauce
  • Or Stir Fry Japanese Udon Noodle with Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables

Served with delicious vegetable spring rolls and vegetable samosas.

£75 for 12 guests

£140 for 24 guests

All prices are subject to VAT.


Drinks Anyone?

We can also supply various soft drinks such as:

  • Bottles of water, still or sparkling
  • Orange or apple juice in cartons
  • Juice drinks in glass bottles (elderflower, raspberry, lemonade, cucumber, mint etc.) from our local supplier
  • Bridges freshly squeezed juice from locally grown fresh fruits or vegetables, or freshly blend smoothie

Drinks range from £1.40 to £2.60 for cartons/ bottles; £2.85 - £4.35 for freshly squeezed juice or smoothie

All prices are subject to VAT.


We will supply the paper plates and napkins, and can deliver within the Cambridge area (£10 delivery charge) or you can collect.

We will try our utmost to help with special dietary requirements.

To discuss your requirements and to get a quote just give us a call on 01223 300 800 or email