Sandwich Choices

Healthy and Tasty Lunches


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Our homemade soups are made using seasonal vegetables for variety and freshness. Try a new combination of flavours from our ever changing menu or go for an old favourite such as leek and potatoes on a cold winter's day. All served with freshly baked bread.

Deep Pan Quiches

The short crust pastry for our homemade quiches are made with quality butter and baked blind until golden brown. Choose from the richly filled vegetarian quiche or our perfect Quiche Lorraine with thick tomato wedges, bacon pieces and onion. Served with our trademark side salad it is a light and complete snack for eating in.

Fresh Salads

As we insist on freshness, the salads are only made to order with the freshest ingredients - never heavy and always tasty. The combinations of flavours are well balanced for taste and texture. There are mouth watering warm and cold salads or you can choose your own combination if you prefer. Finished off with our own poppyseed dressing these salads are a real treat!

Open Sandwiches

Our open faced sandwiches are presented on thick cut seeded brown or white toasted bread, then generously topped with fresh tasty ingredients. Why not try our grilled haloumi and tomato? We take care to make our food look very enticing, as well as very tasty.

Toasted Panini

A soft panini with the right mixtures of ingredients, toasted on the outside and a firm favourite for our customers on the go.

Authentic Stir-Frys

Our Asian stir-frys are all made in our kitchen using traditional recipes practiced for many years. The sauces are made from scratch, meats are marinated, our roast pork is roasted using traditional spices and the vegetables are always fresh. Try our tasty Udon noodles or choose from black bean sauce, satay chicken and more, served with either rice or noodles. Eat in or take away, they are very satisfying and completely delicious.