Marrow Cake
Have you ever watched an opportunity show on TV and wanted to be one of the contestants or the judges in the panel?  When I was a teenager, I was obssessed with this kind of TV show - something like 'Dragon's Den' these days.
  Well who would have thought it?
  Drum roll please! Here are the winners.  
To celebrate the range of independent businesses in Cambridge, the Cambridge BID are launching Independents Week 1st to 9th October.  
Eat in, takeaway or to be elivered by Deliveroo - your choice!
We have been using Deliveroo to deliver our healthy food to customers living and working in the Cambridge area for some months now. 
Last year's Eat Cambridge festival really opened our eyes to the talent of local foodies, so all of us at Bridges decided we just had to be part of the 2016 event.
Woke up on the wrong side of the bed again. Checked my emails and was notified that the 2 books I ordered would be delayed. Squirted toothpaste into the basin instead of onto the toothbrush. Poured out some cereal, opened the fridge, there was no milk.