A Note to Say Thank You



As some of our loyal followers may know, we really like to use social media to get the word out about what we do at Bridges. We share images of our tasty dishes and juices, so you can really see what you are getting when you choose to dine with us. 
But it's just as important to us to share the wonderful range of events and businesses we have in our fabulous city via our platforms.


We are lucky to have a great foodie and indie presence, especially on Twitter, where local businesses can communicate and share ideas. It really is a wonderful community. And so important to us as we are in our Bridge Street cafe seven days a week. It really is our window on the world! 




So we really just wanted to say a big thank you to all our loyal followers, and hope you enjoy what we do, as much as we do! 

Give us a follow on our different social media platforms, and join in with the fun!